Left/ Right: Which is your dominant side of the brain?

Michael Kordahi posted an article about an optical illusion test to determine your dominant side of the brain.


Which way is the lady turning – clockwise? Click here to  find out what it reveals.


14 thoughts on “Left/ Right: Which is your dominant side of the brain?

    • I can do both, its not hard for me. My dad and sister can change it also, sometimes two of the three of us will see it change direction at the same time.

  1. it took me a longggggggggggggggggg time to be able to switch to both sides… hahahaha i thought i dun have any left brain cause it was turning clockwise continuously 😛 but luckily i do have a small little left brain hiding somewhere 🙂 hahaha

  2. I can’t make her go anti-clockwise no matter how hard I try. I never thought I was a right brained person but according to this I am. I may have to re-think who I think I am.

  3. For me she goes anti-clockwise most of the time.

    Sometimes I can see her go clockwise, though. I can then make her go anti-clockwise easily by focusing on the shadow on the floor. It makes you realise that she’s jumping on her right leg.

    To intentionally make her go clockwise I feel
    that I need to be in a somewhat relaxed state. A few beers can certainly help with that 🙂

  4. for the whole of this morning, she was turning clockwise… and i’ve been trying my darnest to see how she could possibly be turning anti-clockwise. i couldn’t, so i gave up.

    and when your page loaded, for the first time, she was turning anti-clockwise!!!! =D but that didn’t last long. now she’s turning clockwise again!

  5. I can see her going both sides; and I can make her go in one direction and the other direction without making her go all around.

  6. She was spinning clockwise. So then I made her spin counter clockwise. I was able to make her go back and forth clockwise, then counter clockwise. I tried controlling it and then I was able to get her to pivot left and right, back and forth without making a full circle. Just swinging her leg left and right, then a full circle then left and right. I was able to make her dance to the music I was listening to. It freaked me out and when I started to laugh she started spinning clockwise.

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