Eight Random Things about Berno

Recently I was tagged by Alfred and so here are eight absolutely random facts about me.

1. Seafood or Asian Vegetarian Meals – Each year, I will always catch the same flight from Australia back to Singapore for Christmas. It is always the last Fri before Christmas and I always make a seafood or Asian vegetarian meal request with Singapore Airlines.

2. My interests in running – I only got into running because I want to compete against my cousin (Joseph) in the Army Half Marathon when both of us were posted to the same military camp.

3. Skinny Flat White – Back in Melbourne, I used to drink strong skinny lattes. However, my first few cups of coffee in Sydney were so bad that I changed my drinks to flat white. I thought, “Hey, no one can screw up a flat white, right?” NOT! Sydney proved otherwise.

4. Attending Mass in Cathedrals – Generally, I prefer not to attend Mass in Cathedrals because I am certainly one not fond of theatrics. Sung responsorial psalms often drives me quite mad. Mass is an opportunity for the people to enter a personal relationship with God. I can’t understand a word when those choir singer(s) – sing the Psalm. There is a reason why we have theatres and Broadway.

Reference: The Masses in St Mary Cathedral, Sydney

5. Happy Talk – My early recollection as a child was my participation on Fanta’s Happy Talk on air with Charlie and Uncle Victor Khoo. It was a lot of fun to hear myself on air talking to Charlie. But the best part of the experience was to win the 6 pack of Fanta soft drinks, cooler bags and glassware! My friend, Fanta!

6. Paying my Bills –I generally pay all my bills (post dated payment) on the same day I receive them. This way I don’t need to worry about late bill payment and transferring my money way too early before the due date.

7. Alcohol Intolerance – I am absolutely alcohol intolerance, one glass of wine or 1 can of beer can make me very sick. Alcohol is toxin, I don’t get it why people enjoy alcohol and drinking drunk. But I still buy wines for friends, figure that out?

8. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Game – A popular real time strategy game based on a Chinese classic historical novel. I always choose to play Cao Cao. My strategy is always get the country economics foundation absolutely right before I go into war mode. And when I go into rampage war mode, I make sure I have more than double the required supplies to go war. If my first attempt was unsuccessful, I will have a Team 2 ready to attack on the next turn, leaving no chance for the enemy to recover.


2 thoughts on “Eight Random Things about Berno

  1. *LOL* Seafood or Asian Vegetarian meal – is it just a trick to get your food quicker than others?
    and… Poor you.. come back to Melbourne to get your cup of Yummmy skinny latte.. 🙂

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