Singapore Airlines – Now Even a Greater Way to Fly

Australia has been a kind adopted home for me for several years. Aussies have told me the moment they stepped onto a Qantas flight, it felt almost like home-coming. Well, I share similar sentiments each time I on-board a Singapore Airlines flight from Australia. Even just to see that all familiar livery in a foreign airport makes me keen to spot my countrymen in the airport and a deep sense of pride. Our tiny nation, even the name “Singapore” takes up more space than our land mass, is home to the world’s largest carrier.The familiar Singapore accent (not to be confused with Singlish), the faces of the cabin crews, esp the hallmark Singapore Airlines stewardess unsurpassed level of customer attentiveness and their sarong kabaya.


Today, the arrival of SQ380 (after launch, it will revert to SQ 221, 220), marks the world first A380 commerical flight from Singapore to Sydney, a brand new overhaul of all 3 travel classes. Another reason why Singapore Airlines will always a great way to fly. Welcome SQ380. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to fly home with you. For the complete experience, visit


2 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines – Now Even a Greater Way to Fly

  1. Not exactly the point of your blog entry, but I just want to point out that Singapore Airlines blows Qantas away.

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