A Sorry and an Apology are Two Different Things says PM Howard

Yesterday in response to another interest rate hike, PM John Howard said “I would say to the borrowers of Australia who are affected by this change that I am sorry about that and I regret the additional burden that will be put upon them as a result“.

Today Mr Howard denied apologising for the latest interest rate rise.”I said I was sorry they occurred. I don’t think I used the word apology,” Mr Howard told reporters. “I think there is a difference between the two things (sorry and apology). I think we’ve been through that debate before in the context of something else.”

Sorry Mr Howard, I apologise for this post, because you don’t hold my trust anymore.


2 thoughts on “A Sorry and an Apology are Two Different Things says PM Howard

  1. I have to agree with the PM. To me one apologizes for things they are responsible for but they can regret or feel sorrow when something not their fault happens. When one says something like “I’m sorry that happened” that is not an apology. The Reserve Bank raised interest rates not the PM. Unless the system there is much different from the system in the US the Reserve Bank is independent of the PM.

  2. @Alfred: What annoys me is the manner Mr Howard would twist his words in such a manner to push his agenda, in full knowledge that its not in synch with his real “hidden” intention.

    The Year 2000 marked the introduction of GST (Goods and Services Tax). Before the election, Mr Howard pledged to “never, ever” introduce the GST. But after the election, his gov was responsible for the introduction. It was how the terms “core and non-core promises” appearing in the Australian political lexicon.

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