XBox 360 “Mass Effect” Kenna Banned in Singapore

 17 Nov 07: The Singapore Government reverses it’s earlier decision to ban this game. See here for details.

Singapore has banned an Xbox video game because it contains a sex scene between a woman and a female alien character, the city-state’s censors said Thursday.

“Mass Effect,” a futuristic space adventure published by Microsoft Corp., has been banned from sale because of “lesbian intimacy” between two characters, said Chetra S., deputy director of the Board of Film Censors, in a statement.

Source: Singapore bans Microsoft Xbox video game over lesbian love scene (IHT)

Aiyoh! Tell you alreadi, no SEX please! We are Singaporean. If unplanned pregnancies or certain categories of consensual sex between human adults in private are not bad enough, now we almost witness the introduction of woman and a female alien character making out in a computer games. Cannot! What if our youth can’t distinguish the reality from the game and emulate such carnal intercourse against the order of nature (YouTube)*!

Good thing we got Gahmen Board of Film Censors to be the gatekeeper to safe guard our values.

* In the first place, if you know of an hidden alien living on earth, please let me know. I would like to meet it. Sorry, illegal immigrants and your next door neighours don’t count!

PS: Singapore readers, please don’t ask me to buy one copy from Australia and bring it back to SG. I don’t get into trouble with the Gahmen.


3 thoughts on “XBox 360 “Mass Effect” Kenna Banned in Singapore

  1. That is… unreal… Honestly I don’t think its just the virtual sex scene, its also the notion of same sex = pervert act in SG.

    PS: alien sounds like ah lian… and sometimes they do look alien too. =X

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