Kings Cross on a Saturday Night – A Sydney Photo Essay

I’m currently living in Potts Point, just a stone throw away from Kings Cross – the infamous party town of Sydney. I decided to take a snap shot of the area after midnight with my point & shoot camera. Below are a selection of the photos. You can find the entire set (15 photos) from here.

PC090072 PC090083PC090095 PC090119 PC090139 PC090176 PC090202 PC090157


5 thoughts on “Kings Cross on a Saturday Night – A Sydney Photo Essay

  1. Is that the hot dog / beef pie stand near the waterfront? I ate there. Great greasy food after a late night out.

    I bet the sleeping guy would have punched you had he seen you snap the photo.

  2. @talk19: you have good memory. There is a pie shop “Pie Face” opposite the water fountain.

    Unfortunately I was not able to record his snoring. It is the loudest snore I have ever heard.

  3. Niice pics. though i have to mention after many nights in the X as we like to call it, i found you either were very selective of the pics you placed,took or have another site where the more say colourfull Kings Cross is at that hour..

    Yes i am also glad the sleeping giant had stayed asleep dont think we would have seen these pics otherwise.. hehe

    Well nice work.. thanks


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