2008 Australia Imagine Cup Kicks Off – The Environment

The 2008 Microsoft Australia Imagine Cup campaign is underway and Nick Ellery has done an awesome job to make this year’s local software design competition prizes pool bigger and even more rewarding ($$$)!

AU participants stand to win 3 months paid job placement in Australia’s leading (IMHO, #1*)  technical consulting and training company – Readify, XBox 360 consoles, and HTC Touch mobile device, copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007. How does an expenses paid trip to Paris, France sound? A stroll down Champs-Elysees, visit the Sacré-Coeur or one of the great Grandes Écoles. Maybe a fun dinner at Buddha Bar and an evening drink at Hotel Costes?

This year’s theme is  the environment. Show us how your next idea can help us to live a more environmentally sound future. Check out the competition page for more details.

* The owner of this blog does not own any shares nor engaged in any commercial engagement with Readify.


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