Fussy Customers Caused Food Wastage

Australia grows some of the best and safest fresh produce in the world. My blood boiled when I came across this article “‘Fussy customers’ force farmers to throw away fruit” (ABC). It is sheer wastage! It is an absolute a joke to throw away good food. Most of the country is in a middle of a very long drought and growing fresh produce is a very water intensive affair.

As a customer I love to buy fresh, large and good quality produce. I doubt consumers would refuse to buy bananas because they are 40mm longer than the “standard” length. Give me those 300mm bananas. The farmers reported a bumper mango season, why are mangoes sold in large supermarket chain still so expensive? To those supermarket chains who tries to obfuscate customer’s preferences and their own greedy intentions, I say “Up yours!”. 

I refuse to support those large supermarket chains, not giving the consumers and farmers a really fair go. Instead, I buy my fresh produce only from the local green grocers because they deliver fresh quality produces (not snap frozen).


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