A Week in Beijing (200108-260108)

Last week I was in Beijing for a regional team meeting, it was an opportunity to meet my China, Taiwan and Redmond-based counterparts. It was also my first opportunity to experience a real winter environment. During the day, the temperature is around -2C (28F) and -8C (17F) in the evening.

More trip photos can be found here.

IMG_3188 – Microsoft Research Asia University Relations Team

P1220008 – Microsoft Research Asia Lab (微软亚洲研究院) – Sigma Building P1250014 – the Mid-level Zen Garden
P1230022 – The path from my hotel to Sigma building.

Despite the long working days with packed agenda, I was able to have an opportunity to order two sets of bespoke Aussie wool suits (250 USD), experienced the world renowned Peking Duck (at Dongcheng Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant), watched a performance by the China National Acrobatic Troupe (中国杂技第一课, highly recommended) on the last day of the meeting and met up with Reshma Khilnani, a friend from the Advanced Technology Centre (微软亚洲工程院). Finally I also caught up fellow Singaporeans during a Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (Singcham) networking evening (held in the Beijing Raffles Hotel).  

P1230030 – The Menu! P1230043 – Preparing the Peking duck

P1230067 – The amazing acrobatic performance by the China National Acrobatic troops


3 thoughts on “A Week in Beijing (200108-260108)

  1. Looks great. Beijing is such an exciting city to be in, though the urban sprawl and sheer number of people can be uncomfortable at times. Any trouble with the taxi drivers?

  2. @talk19: Beijing taxi fleet is slowly being replaced with new cars. However, the traffic situation has worsen. Taffic jams are a regular fixtures on the road. I speak Manadrian, that’s helps a lot in this city.

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