California Abbatoir Workers Filmed ‘Waterboarding’ Cows

Around the world, industrialised food production is becoming a major food safety concern.

ABC (Australia) News describes an US abbatoir which supplies not all healthy meat to the social service community in “Abbatoir Workers Filmed ‘Waterboarding’ Cows“. Over in Japan, 10 people were reported sick after eating China made gyoza (dumplings) contaminated with insecticide.

I hope Australian food producers will not be in a situation pressured by their large multi-national owners (possibly Coca-Cola Amatil‘s SPC Ardmona which owns a large portion of the fruit market) to compromise their clean and good food quality standards. These increasing alarming reports add to the public growing interest and demand for green or organic food. We need to start consider the social, environmetal and well-being (indirect) cost for our food and not just chase for the lowest monetary direct cost.

Good thing, I don’t eat a lot of meat in my daily diet.


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