A Research Lab on the East Coast – Microsoft Research New England


Rick Rashid (Senior VP, MS Research) announced a new Microsoft Research lab based in Cambridge, MA. Microsoft Research New England, (MSRNE) will be opened in July 2008. This new lab will have the opportunity for sustained engagements with the great educational institutions in the Boston area, in particular MIT and Harvard.

Among the MSRNE’s management team are Jennifer Chayes (Managing Director) and Christian Borgs (Deputy Managing Director).

MSRNE’s Vision

MSR New England will pursue new interdisciplinary areas of research that bring together theoretical computer scientists and social scientists to better understand, model and enable the computing and online experiences of the future. In particular, we plan to hire economists to help us understand how people value things, psychologists to understand why and how people make certain choices, and sociologists to understand how they interact. We hope that our social scientists will collaborate with our theoretical computer scientists to model and develop algorithms to facilitate these interactions, thereby suggesting new business models, as well as improving the quality of our customers’ online experiences. Of course, the research in the lab will extend far beyond this, since great researchers always do unexpected things!”

UPDATE [6 Feb 08]: Microsoft Research to Open New Doors for Scientists in Cambridge, Mass. (Microsoft Press Release)


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