Australia Says Sorry to the Stolen Generation

Today (13 Feb 2008), Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has read an apology to the Stolen Generations in parliament, for the suffering and loss inflicted on indigenous Australians by past governments.

 (Picture: Stuart McEvoy, The Australian)
Thousands gather at Melbourne’s Federation Square to watch Prime Minister Kevin Rudd make an apology to indigenous Australians.

I don’t want people to say sorry. I just want them to understand the hurt, what happened when we were initially separated, and just understand the society, what they’ve done….You don’t belong in either world. I can’t explain it. It hurts so much.”
— Faye Lyman
(Left her Father at 8, extracted from the Many Voices oral history, National Library of Australia)

BERNO: I applaud both sides of politics and the courageous Australian public to make this important step toward national healing. Go Aussies! I reckon the new Labour government heralds a genuine fair dinkun beginning for Australia!


One thought on “Australia Says Sorry to the Stolen Generation

  1. To
    the prime minister Kevin Rudd

    I red speech about indigenous and the hope for the best.
    I m very very gratfull for what you do.
    I work with AUSTRALIA to make the world the better place and i know you ear my voice.
    That is the little things i can do for the moment but i promise to do better in few months.
    I reconize who give me the inspiration, the strenght and the wisdow.
    I personaly invite you on my FACEBOOK profile to see what i promise to do with help or whitout help.
    Memories of us

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