The State of New South Wales Dismal Health Services

A patient amid scaffolding at the new $98 million Bathurst Base Hospital yesterday. Doctors say the hospital fails to meet safety standards.

I am not a Liberal supporter and I don’t get any pleasure from pointing out Sydney’s shortfalls. But the Iemma Government has shown that it is out of depth to run the country (Australia’s) largest economy. I am not sure if the lack of governance is widespread across the ministries or simply due to the Premier’s ability (or lack of) to take charge of the state.

The entire NSW state is falling apart under Morris Iemma’s feeble leadership, policy and ideas deficiency and lack of accountability and empathy for the people who vote them into office. My focus now turns on to the latest event on the on-going NSW Health system woes: “Hospital building problems worsen (SMH)”.

The new Bathurst Base Hospital got the redevelopment so wrong that it failed to meet national patient safety guidelines. The (NSW)Department of Health also remained silent on how the Bathurst plans were approved when some areas in such acute services as intensive care and emergency were too small to function adequately.

Even the hospital’s paging system had broken down several times a day, the alarm system and backup were inadequate and the situation was so desperate that inquiries were made about whether the fire alarm system could be connected to the switchboard as a public address system.

“It’s a bloody scandal,” a Bathurst doctor, who did not want to be named, said yesterday. “Somebody somewhere has to put their hand up and say they caused this mess … heads are going to roll.”

BERNO: How can Sydney compete effectively in the global economy if the State Government can’t even handle the basics?


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