A NPR Interview with Liu Tie-Yan (Web Search Researcher, Microsoft Research Asia)

Tieyan Liu, a researcher in Internet search technology with Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing 

Last evening, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasted an interview with Liu Tie-Yan, a researcher from the Web Search and Mining Group. During the interview, Tie-Yan spoke about his research passion and the dynamics of collaborating with his Redmond colleagues. He also highlighted challenges that working in China presents, and reflects on what Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has meant for Chinese-educated researchers like him, and for the country’s universities. 

Tie-Yan made a great point by saying that his web search research was driven by a desire to improve user experience, and not by the competition.  This really reflects MSRA “academic environment” where reseachers are free to pursue areas of science that are of their interests and our researchers are always looking for ways to make an impact on the world.

Microsoft Worker in Beijing: Focus Is Collaboration by Michele Norris “NPR – All Things Considered” (6min 21sec)


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