Singapore Day 2008 in Melbourne, Australia


(BERNO: 03 Sep 2008: I have posted a new entry on Melbourne’s Singapore Day 2008 with the latest program listing and registration details.)

Following the 2007 Singapore Day in NYC success, the Overseas Singaporean Unit is organising this year’s Singapore Day in Melbourne (Sidney Myer Music Bowl) on 4 Oct 08.

Based on last year’s news article and this personal blog post narration (Part 1 and 2), it looks like a fun free day all of all Singaporean food, news, Gah-men people, fun and quirks. Check out for more information and to register for updates.

I wonder if the Melbourne event would have getai singing too? I bet the ang moh will love it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Singapore Day 2008 in Melbourne, Australia

  1. non-singaporeans generally unwelcomed.. you need to register for the event and you require Singapore NIRC number to do so.

  2. I attended it in Melb. We queued to get in. Queued to get food. Queued to get goodie bags. Certainly a very Singaporean experience. I won’t be ever attending another one.

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