Balmoral Swim 2008

Following last year’s Manly Ocean Swim attempt, I took part in the 2008 Balmoral Swim for Cancer and achieved an improved timing – 24:40. I’m started to look beyond half marathon and beginning to pick up swimming. Ocean/ open sea swim is a new challenge to me and I want to get better at it while I am still able to do so.

Balmoral swim is a 1km sea swim situated at Balmoral beach. It is a great event to get started with open sea swim because the water there is generally calm as it is protected by the harbour and the several inlands. It is a small community, very family event situated on the lower north shore which makes it easy for me to get there compared to Manly, or the eastern suburbs beaches. Mums, dads, nippers and even grandparents took in the swim which I thought was very admirable. A great day out, indeed.



One thought on “Balmoral Swim 2008

  1. Soooo jealous. Trying to learn to sea swim off the south coast of England looks nothing like this. I’m sure I wouldn’t be having these freaky sessions if I could swim in water that is blue and not dirty green. Lucky you.

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