Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Trip Photos

Last month, I went back Australia to facilitate my manager’s return to work. It was good opportunity to spend some time with my key academics, good friends in DPE, took part in the Balmoral Ocean swim, Boy Charlton Biathlon series, Canberra 10k and caught up with my uni mates.

During that time, I had several opportunities to engage in leisure outdoor sports due to the cool early autumn weather (which typically includes flashes of SUMMER too! Yippe!).

Below are links to the different sets of photos taken during this trip.

Chatswood Apartment (set)

Farewell Nick Ellery (Proud to witness the conclusion of his successful internship, set)

Visited the world’s second oldest National Park – The Royal National
Park, set)

Went on a photo safari around Manly Beach, Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and
the Botanic Gardens, set)

Went back Melbourne for the weekend and caught up with my uni mates (set)

Took part in the Canberra Marathon Eve 10k. Came in at 53:58 (set)


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