Griffith University Vice-Chancellor breached plagiarism standards

The Australian reported a possible case of plagiarism by Griffith University Vice Chancellor – Ian O’Connor when he ‘cut and pasted whole passages of text from Wikipedia‘ in his opinion article in the same newspaper.

The opinion article was written in a response to reports that ‘Griffith had asked the Saudi embassy in Australia for a $1.37million grant for its Islamic Research Unit, telling the ambassador that certain elements of the controversial deal could be kept a secret’.

David Robinson, the last Australian Vice-Chanellor involved in plagiarims resigned from his role in Monash (2002) after instances of severe ‘liftings’ were uncovered in his previous books.

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PS: I blogged about this incident only because I am passionate about the Australian Higher Education sector and the responsibility associated with academic freedom. To conduct a trial by media is not my intention.


One thought on “Griffith University Vice-Chancellor breached plagiarism standards

  1. ahahahahah this is seriously hilarious! coming from another university in brisbane, its bloody hilarious that another rival education institution needs to plagarise to get places… top effort buddy! “This, is University heirarchy… You have been evicted! It’s time to leave the University campus.” deadset twat! idiot 😛

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