Incompetent Iemma Government Bugle another Public Transport Project Undertaking

Today, the Iemma Government commenced talks on the new North West metro link. The north-western suburbs require a reliable train service to connect them to Sydney CBD. But is this another case of hot air and incomplete and expensive plans by Macquarie Street quick fix PR response?

I lived in Sydney from 2006-2007 and parts of 2008 and Sydney’s public transport is woeful. The service is expensive (a 1-2 stops train journey cost A$2.60) and very unreliable (no train service on almost every alternate weekend due to “planned track works” But we still hear train disruptions almost every month.

The State Government is spending large amount of money airing ads public education about the North West line, when the line is only scheduled to run in 2017 (more than 9 years away!). Ads do not resolve transport problems, funded scheduled services do!

This is the same succession of government that failed to deliver an integrated ticketing solution (more than 8 years late and now abandoned) and still running late to deliver the Epping-Chatswood line which new trains cannot run on.

Oh, the Sydney city free wifi project announced in Nov 2006 has just been cancelled too. How many badly initiated public projects does Sydneysiders have to put up? Sometimes I wish there is a “Rudd” guy in the NSW government to demonstrate some leadership.

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