2008 Mother’s Day Celebration at the Marina Oriental Hotel

Last evening, my sister and I took our Mum and Dad out for a buffet dinner treat at the Marina Oriental – one of my fav hotel in Singapor (the other favs are the Shangrila and the Ritz Carlton. I admit I have quite cina taste)

The Melt: the World Cafe is a beautiful and spacious dining venue. The staff members are very attentive and friendly. The layout of the various food station is quite attractive. The offering includes cooked to order BBQ, Thai, India, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese mains, assorted variety of cheese, nice range of tasty salads and a decent range of desserts. However, when it comes to the taste, it’s only mediocre, at best average. I guess that is what happens when you opted for the buffet. The focus is on variety and quantity and less on quality.

Don’t get me wrong. The food is fresh but it’s not really special. The chilled seafood is a yawn. I wonder where have all the flavours gone? Maybe the restaurant used them to make seafood broth in their ala carte menu. There isn’t a particular station that truly stands out.

My Shangrila buffet remains the gold standard. I guess what’s important is the memory of having a family dinner together to celebrate Mother’s Day together. More Pictures


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