To complain or not complain – what is the point?

“To complain about things in my experience is always lowering. Who wants to draw attention to the fact you have been slighted? Isn’t that in itself a form of failure?” – Susie Boyt

Susie Boyt from the FT Weekend (“The Art of Complaining“) shared an observation of a young child’s gracious manner to present a simple complain. She distilled that observation a simple and effective manner to put forward any complain. She later went on too long in her column about her experience being overcharged in a restaurant. I thought to myself, why do we even bother to complain?

This afternoon, I was attracted into a bak kwa (local pork jerky) store (near Centerpoint) because of the massive promtional posters. I decided to get some as a personal treat after a hard day’s work. I was charged at the regular price because I bought 2 pieces by the Sales Auntie (local context knowledge required).

She said that the promo pricing is only applicable for 1-jin (local weight unit) and above. Due to a lack of promotional disclaimers, should I demand for the poster pricing reinstated or take it up with the management (in some remote office) via email? I decided it was a pointless exercise to deal with Auntie since she is just doing her job. Nevertheless, I took photos of the posters which clearly shows not include any sales disclaimer or promotion terms and condition.


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