Let’s Fix Windows User Interface – UX Taskforce by Long Zheng

Windows Vista brought a set of user interfaces updates to the Windows environment. However there are some inconsistencies and legacy user interfaces in the released product. There has not been an easy and transparent way to bring this irks and quirks to Microsoft’s attention. But not until Long Zheng’s UX Taskforce.

Long Zheng, the Windows and good user interface (UI) enthusiast (and all things well-designed) has developed a web site (UX Taskforce, see screen shot below) which allows you to:

a) upload screen shots and report such UI issues on the web site,

b) search for such reports by categories and

c) add your voice and vote for the reports.

This site has been gaining lots of momentum, and has caught the attention of the Windows Experience group and even an article by the Guardian (Windows Vista: Microsoft could learn a few lessons from a gifted student)

Post, view or vote your choice today! This is users’ democracy at its best and now Microsoft is listening and acting on the feedback!

(Long Zheng)

1 thought on “Let’s Fix Windows User Interface – UX Taskforce by Long Zheng

  1. spent hours trying to fix problemn user interface stopped working very frustrating as im trying to put anti virus programme in leaving pc vulnerable and its a vista

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