Good Luck Team SOAK – 2008 Australia Imagine Cup Champions


All the very best of luck to Team SOAK (L-R: Long Zheng, Dimaz Pramudya, David Burela, Ed Hoopers), the 2008 Australia Imagine Cup Champions during the 2008 Worldwide Imagine Cup Finals. I feel particularly proud of the quality of this year’s team. Here are my top 5 reasons why this team rocks:
  • Water, a real serious issue in country Australia. The team aspires to help to help farmers achieve sustainable use of their land by utilising sensor networks to ensure the best use of precious water resources.
  • Diversity, in the team setup. Team SOAK is made up of students from 4 Australian Universities, between two states (VIC and TAS) which includes Monash, Melbourne, Swinburne and the University of Tasmania. This multi-cultural team reflects the modern diverse Australian society.
  • Preparation. I know how early this team had been preparing for the competition. Ed has been aiming, learning and preparing for this competition since the 2007 Australia Imagine Cup finals.
  • Passion. This team is made up of 3 Microsoft Student Partners and 1 “bloody” Microsoft blogger. Common among them is a serious passion for technology, dream big and take technology onto the field.
  • Mates. This guys are my friends and I am proud of their current success. Anything more is a bonus. Good luck, boys!

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3 thoughts on “Good Luck Team SOAK – 2008 Australia Imagine Cup Champions

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