A Conversation with Steve Vamos on Google, Vista, Employment Advice, Online Advertising and his next step back in Australia







Steve Vamos is making his way back to Australia after a stint as VP, Microsoft International Online Services Group. He was recently interviewed by MIS (a Fairfax publication) about Steve Ballmer’s Google strategy, Vista, his time in Redmond and what he plans to do when he leaves Microsoft. Steve also shared his advice for all Australian graduates out there look for new employment:

1. Find a place where you can learn from the people
2. A place where you can trust the people you work with

Great advice, Steve!

Steve has always been passionate about having the right values in place. During MS AU FY07 kickoff, Steve brought a trainer who elaborated the concept of having a player mentality. Not a political player but someone who takes undertakes responsibility, provides accountability and take pro-active steps to make sure that things happen the right way. I really enjoyed that session and I have a lot of respect for the man and his leadership style.

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