Feder Sports – Recommended Running Shoes Store in Singapore

(Update – 6 Jun 2011)

My previous recommendation for Feder Sports do not hold anymore. I found Jeffery’s pricing to be uncompetitive and his sales attitude to be wanting – “take my price or leave it”.

His well stocked store had it too good in the past but these days there are so many running stores in Singapore competing for the same business. If you are really passionate about the sports, running clubs in Singapore usually have direct relationships with the agents and typically they can help you to obtain pretty good discounts for their products.

If you are serious about running and looking for a specialist running shoe store in Singapore? I recommend Feder Sports (#02-53, Peninsula Plaza) and ask for Jeffrey Chong.

Once you step into the shop and you will be amazed by the sheer among of shoes they offer in this store. Do bring along your old running shoes and let Jeffery access your feet and your running style. Jefferey is very helpful and knowledgable about specialist running shoes.

I bought two pairs of running shoes last weekend. Although his prices are not the most competitive, overall I’m satisfied with his service and product knowledge.

Shoe 1: Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4 (Yellow) and Shoe 2: Saucony Progrid Hurricane 9 (feels like a Kayano but cheaper!)


8 thoughts on “Feder Sports – Recommended Running Shoes Store in Singapore

  1. I asked for a Vibrams KSO Treksport, he passed me a Bikila without me knowing. Granted this was my first time buying vibrams. Not Recommended! I’m going down this weekend to change the pair.

  2. I’ve been in Singapore since 2006. Before finding Geoffrey and Feder Sports, buying running shoes was a pain. Geoffrey always has the models and the sizes I need. He’s not cheap but I never leave empty handed or with a feeling I’ve purchased something from someone who doesn’t know a running shoe from a ballet slipper.

  3. if this Geoffrey is that bald/comb-over guy, he seriously cannot make it. I went to his shop searching for minimus trail width 2E, and he dared to quote more than what flagship retail stores are selling. In addition he tried to convince me that i should buy from him by lying to me that only he imported 2E for that particular shoe model.I basically said thanks but no thanks and walked next door to funan’s running lab and they got 2E width.

  4. Do you have any suggestions of somewhere that is better than Feder Sports? Is Running lab any better?

  5. Are the vibrams in Feder sport peninsula original? cuz my komodo sport looks kind of fake. very badly stitched and glued together

  6. I have been a customer of Jeffrey’s for many years as he fits me for all my running and hiking boots. He has never been wrong and I have always relied on his advise. I never look at pricing and whether I can buy it at Queensway at a cheaper price because his shoes have never failed me and I compete in many half marathon races. I guess I am paying for his expertise. I dont look at pricing when it comes to getting the best fit for my feet.

    • I regulalry participates in longer distances and wear out my shoes very quickly. That’s why its very important for me to get the best value out of every purchase. I also tend to put a lot of trustin the feedback from actual runners too who have tried those shoes.

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