Chinese Olympics Sense of Humour

Po-faced guards and grim-looking officials give many Beijing Olympic viewers and audiences the idea that the Chinese are a people without a sense of humour.

But despite strict control of the internet to censor out sensitive topics, irreverent websites, emails and text messages about the Games and the country’s politics abound.


Those tired of Games overkill and the heightened security that has made normal life difficult in Beijing are being advised to take an “avoiding Olympics package” (bi yun tao) holiday, a phrase that also sounds like the word for condom.

Bi yun“, means contraception, or avoiding pregnancy, in Mandarin, but in a play on words the same pronunciation is now used to mean avoiding the Olympics, as “Ao yun” means the Olympic Games.

Read the entire article “2012 Games to be held in Beijing too” (SMH)

BERNO: I’m in favour of having the Olympics in Beijing. The event has performed an amazing catalyst role to transform China inside out, helping to promote greater cultural understanding between China and the rest of the world.


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