Email Prioritizer – An Outlook plug-in developed by Office Labs and Microsoft Research

Download Email Prioritizer prototype.

Email Prioritizer is an free add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that helps you manage email overload.  and it prioritizes email to help you focus on the email messages that are most important to you with a 0-3 star rating system. It also provides a “do not disturb” button that temporarily pauses new email arrival.

It does this by using various algorithms to automatically identify the importance or urgency of e-mail messages delivered into an Outlook 2007 in-box. This idea was developed from a research project by Eric Horvitz and Mary Czerwinski.

Click here for a video demo of Email Prioritizer (Soapbox).

Source link: Microsoft Targets E-Mail Overload With Outlook Plug-In (Networking Computing India)


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