Aus Uni Students Say No to Podcast Lectures


Students from the University of Western Sydney are not impressed by the University’s effort to deliver lectures via podcast. The student felt that such a move (podcast) should be only used as a complement and not a substitute for traditional scholarly interaction.

This matter surfaced after UWS students learned (only in the first week of semester) that six of the 13 lectures in one key unit, Texts and Traditions, would come as podcasts. In other units there is a rotating timetable of face-to-face lectures and podcasts.

Arts dean Wayne McKenna said he believed Texts and Traditions was the only unit in which podcasts replaced face-to-face lecturers.

“(But) I suspect it could well be the shape of things to come,” Professor McKenna said.

As a result, a student petition is going around the campus, demanding cuts in fees to match cuts in face-to-face teaching time as the university extends the virtual classroom.

Source: Uni students say no to podcasts (The Australian Higher Education)


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