Team Monash won the 2008 Singapore Marathon non-profit organisation distance challenge

As my “gift” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of Monash University, I ran a marathon with TeamMonash. Every year, TeamMonash and the local university alumni chapter (together with the Malaysia campus and chapter) would organise a TeamMonash Singapore marathon team for all alumni, students and friends.


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This year, TeamMonash came first in the non-profit organisation distance challenge, our team of 500 runners ran the greatest distance as a group! I reckon this is pretty impressive for an Australia based university to achieve a fine showing in a Singapore event. Well done, TeamMonash!

I love my school and grateful to all the opportunities and experiences it has given me.


2 thoughts on “Team Monash won the 2008 Singapore Marathon non-profit organisation distance challenge

  1. Hi,

    I also graduate from Monash, studied in Caufiled campus last time. I’m the regular runner in Singapore Marathon since 2006, but have not participate with TeamMonash before. I like to check how could I register with TeamMonash for this event, is it by invitation only? Shall we register at Singapore Marathon website first then only submit our registration to TeamMonash? For the participants in TeamMonash, do we still entitle for the usual sponsored race pack by Stand Chart which come with the official race vest from Adidas as well? Sorry that I have some many questiom, will be much appreciate if you could share your experience about the registration process. As I usually register quite early which entitle for past year runners & early bird discount.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Last year’s (2008) procedure involved the alumni to make direct registration with Team Monash which will manage your Singapore Marathon registration.

    The registrant would be entitled to all the regular race pack including the standard race vest in addition to Team Monash’s vest too.

    2009 Team Monash – Singapore marathon registration details have not been published. You can find last year’s registration procedures from


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