Re-Discovering the Podcast Joys in 2009

Happy new year to everyone reading my blog! I hope you had a ball over Christmas and the New Yeak and slowly getting back into the daily grind!


It’s a new year and I recently re-discovered the joys of podcast, thanks to my gorgeous 4 months old Nokia N78. Prior to my N78, my last podcast (G’day World) was back in 2006. Returning back to the Nokia platform is such a delight and dare I say a phone almost designed for human use. I love my phone but I will keep my praise for another day. Listening to podcast is fantastic and time efficient way for everyone to catch up with the news, commentary and hopefully get some laughs during your commute.

If you share my weird interests in the following: a) humour and satire b) technology c) business and economics, there were an incredible amount of great podcast content available. Here are a selection from my podcast feed. The links goes to their website so that you can check out the content before you subscribe to the feed.

  • Humour and satire

Hamish and Andy Radioshow – Podcast sized of my favourite Melbourne radio comedic duo syndicated across Australia and Kiwi-land. (Good stuff always comes from Melbourne)

Friday Night Comedy – BBC Radio 4 – If you are fan of British humour. Actually laughing at the Poms, ain’t too difficult.

The Unger Report– NPR- Humorist Brian Unger takes on the pressing issues of the moment.

  • Technology

Technology Podcast – NPR

Tech Weekly – Guardian

  • Business and Economics

Peter Day’s World of Business – BBC World Service

Business Daily – BBC World Service

Planet Money – NPR – Making sense of the American economy

Color of Money – NPR – Making sense of your personal finances especially during these trying times

Happy listening!


One thought on “Re-Discovering the Podcast Joys in 2009

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that i checked out your CNY 09 photographs on Flickr. Nice job. I could feel the vibrance in the pictures. Went down a couple of times a few days ago myself – and this coming thurs/fri. Love the colours.


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