My Top 10 Sydney Photos

Sydney is expensive, the overall public system is failing and they don’t do very good lattes over there … despite all her shortcomings.

Here are my personal Top 10 (unranked) Sydney related photos from my Flickr collection. Just click on the pictures to see them in their original resolutions.

Girl-Gazing-at-the-Sea-near-Taramara – Each time I looked at this picture, I feel very calm and at ease.

Sydney-Skyline-Boxing-Day-from-North-Sydney – This was taken when I lived in North Sydney.

IMG_0635 – A view of the city from Milson Point

Sydney Harbour Bridge towards the city – Along the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards the City.

Sydney-Ferry – I love the occasional rides to Bondi Manly beach on board the Sydney Ferry.

Sydney-Opera-Bar-Harbour-Bridge-Background-Evening – This is Sydney.

Sydney-Harbour-Bridge-Evening – An evening shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (The Coathanger) from Kirribilli

1-sydney-george-street-evening– George Street

Sydney-Mardi-Gras-Kylie-Minogue-Dancers – What is Sydney without its famous Mardi Gras parade?

– The essential weekend late night kebab along Kings Cross

** Bonus
Richardson and Wrench
– The real estate shop Christmas receptionist.


6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Sydney Photos

  1. I love 2 and 10. 2 because I am a sucker for night shots in big cities and 10 because I love street vendor photography. I have done a couple myself and I always love how everyone is so immersed in what they do they won’t recognize the photographer, creating a candid moment.

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