Running shoes reviews from a podiatrist’s perspective

I enjoy running to keep fit and visit new places and people along the way. However, I am pretty heavy and a severe overpronator which adds additional stress on my joints (hips, knees and soles). Yes, I have very ugly feet with corns.

I encourage everyone to invest extra effort to do some online research before trying and buying a pair of running shoes. I recommend Dr. Jenny Sanders Shoe Blog as a trusted source for shoes reviews. Runner’s world and many online sites have a tendency to use shoe companies marketing pitch as a basis for their review. On the other hand, Dr Jenny Sanders examined the shoes from a podiatrist’s perspective. With her professional knowledge, she goes deep in her review and link a shoe’s makeup and its impact on our body.

When she compared the ASICS Kayano 14 and 15, she wrote

The 14 has much more EVA in the lateral (outside) midsole than the 15. This means longer wear and greater support at heel strike with the 14 than the 15. This difference is HUGE, …. the 15 may make your heel strike more wobbly causing things like ankle sprains or tendonitis. Everyone doesn’t necessarily need firm lateral EVA but if you do, you would be better off with the new 2140 than the Gel Kayano.

Her analysis goes much deeper and scientific compared to those readers’ contributed reviews commonly found in other web sites. I wish you healthy feet.


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