Passes to 2nd ASEAN-ASIA Forum, 17 Apr 2009 in Singapore

The 2nd ASEAN-ASIA Forum: Risks & Opportunities (Friday, 17 Apr 2009) organised by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs addresses how individuals, institutions and multinational corporations in Asia should position themselves in the wake of the current economic crisis.

The forum includes distinguished speakers such as Prof Neo Boon Siong (Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute),  Ms Olivia Lum (Group CEO & President, Hyflux Group) and Ms Irene Ng (Member of Parliament, Singapore).

This is a full day forum event and concludes with a gala dinner with George Yeo (Minister, Foreign Affairs, Singapore) as Guest of Honour.

I have 2 complimentary passes (worth $600 each) to this event. Please contact me (bernardoh3rd/at/gmail/) if you are genuinely keen to attend and would like a pass to the event. This offer closes on 8 Apr (or earlier) and valid for Singapore residents only. The pass will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and my decision is final.

Click here for forum brochure or forum web site for more information.


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