Training for the 2009 Adidas Sundown Marathon – 35km Familiarisation Run with Team Fatbird

3-Adidas-Sundown-Familiarisation-35km-Run-with-Team-Fatbird-Group-Shot 6-Adidas-Sundown-Familiarisation-35km-Run-with-Team-Fatbird-Terry-Berno-Beverly-Charmaine
Last Friday, I took part in a Team Fatbird‘s Sundown Marathon Route Familiarisation Run as part of my preparation for the May Sundown Marathon. I estimated more than 60 runners turned up for this community run, which began around 9pm. This is quite an impressive turnout for an event that was promoted mainly via Facebook and the word of mouth.

The running route (linked below) started from ECP Car Park C4 and went along the parts of the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network. It offered runners an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of the eastern suburbs including Siglap, Tampines, Pasir Ris and Loyang.

Good thing, there were committee members from Team Fatbird dispersed among the different running packs. One’s concentration can take a serious beating during a long distance overnight run. Anthony, David and the other  Team Fatbird run pacers played an important role to lead the various running packs, chit chatting along the way and keeping motivation high among the trainees. A special mention goes out to Max for providing taking pictures of the runners along the route. The photos opportunities brought out the smiles of many.

Almost 4 hours 30mins later, drenched in perspiration and really yearning for my bed, I finally arrived at the finishing line. Ah Beng and Suan made the tiredness almost disappear with their wonderful hospitality with food and drinks donated by others.

This well attended run is a great testimony to the enthusiasm, dedication and generosity of the Singapore running community. To all who had donated resources to organise this event and participated in this run, THANK YOU!
1-Adidas-Sundown-Familiarisation-35km-Run-with-Team-Fatbird-Berno-Anthony-Le-Giang-Sun-Wei-Sian 2-Adidas-Sundown-Familiarisation-35km-Run-with-Team-Fatbird-Ray-Berno-Beng-Suan
Pictures taken by Max Ang (feetoffurry)

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