My Ten Favourite Photos from i Light Marina Bay 2012

Over the past few weeks I indulged in several days of photography safari at the 2012 i Light Marina Bay – an outdoor light art festival held at Marina Bay Singapore. During this period, I experimented with different photography techniques, camera settings and not to mention a few tricks on the latest version of Picasa ( Mac) which came with new photo effects too. Here is a selection of my favourite pictures (in no particular preference order) from this experience.

1. Ghost from the Gate – A translucent lady’s image on the right appeared like a floating ghost emerging from Li Hui’s The Gate

2. The Palm – I love how a passing breeze moved the electro-luminous wires to create this unintended palm leaves leaf-liked effect captured on my camera.

3. The Laser Lights Beams from the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum – The additional laser beams from the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum added to the festival’s illuminations.

4. Key Frames – Photography is often an exercise of patience and a sense of timing. This fast-moving installation took me several shots to capture all the lighted figures on the first three rows as I had to anticipate the precise moment when I can get a clear shot. This other similar picture has the entire figures captured.

5. Crystallised– This colours captured in this picture offered a glimpse of the depth of a colour in an otherwise multi-colour installation.

6. Parmendies-I-Solar-System – This image was created by merging several carefully curated photos to form a solar system-liked image in order to capture  different iterations of this changing installation. It is just like how our solar system – the Milky Way is also not stationary but ever-expanding and changing.

7. Woman walking in the white rain – This image reinterpreted Takahiro Matsuo’s White Rain depicting a woman walking in the rain while looking into a dark wet cold forest.

8. The 8 Lamp – By merging two images from Uno Lai’s The Light Dam, I tried to use the two different tones of the installation to form the number 8. After all, we Chinese people like the number 8.

9. Mind the Gap – This installation is made of umbrella shelters used by Thai monks. In urban Singapore, Art has brought direct and indirect economic benefits to the country such as a growing art market and the development of an environment attractive to global capital (Art Stage 2012). In a different perspective, Art, here represented by the monk’s umbrella shelters also plays a therapeutic role to lift the viewer’s spirit up to a world of possibilities or at the bare minimum provides a mental shelter, a moment of respite from a hard crushing concrete urban environment, an opportunity to regain one’s humanity.

10. Bibigloo – Will the fate of the igloo, the Eskimo’s traditional home, also depict the same fate of our own homes as the world warms up with the increased consumption of carbon based fuel?

Bonus – LV Island Maison, Singapore



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