Six Distinguished Alumni Describe how Monash University Influenced their Careers

When I graduated from Monash University in 2004, I received more than just a Computing education. The experiences and opportunities in Monash opened my eyes and spurred my desire to understand a larger and interconnected world of knowledge and disciplines. My time in Monash has also encouraged me to boldy pursue my interests and passion which is the manner I want to live my life.

I thought the distinguished alumni featured in this videos perfectly described the capability and potential of this young and fine institution – Monash University.

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Public Talk on Obama Administration’s First 100 Days Organised by National Library Board Singapore, Singapore Institute of International Affairs and School of Thought


The Singapore Institute of International Affairs is organising a free public talk on the first 100 days on President Obama’s administration on Saturday, 23 May 2009 at The Pod, Level 16, National Library. This event is especially tailored for youths aged 13–25.

Join Dr Dawn Dekle, Dean of the Centre for Leadership at S.P. Jain Center of Management, as she explains the contexts, backgrounds and issues facing the Obama Administration.

Due to limited seating availability, registration is required.

This event is co-organised by the National Library Board Singapore and School of Thought.

For more informatiom, please visit The Obama Administration’s First 100 Days (SIIA) link.

An Internship with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Good news, friends! Since last month, I joined the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) as an intern under the Eric Teo Global Citizens Internships programme. Founded in 1961, the SIIA is Singapore’s oldest think tank dedicated to the research, analysis and discussion of regional & international issues.

A unique feature of SIIA’s programmes is its commitment to public education including students and the general public population through events such as 938LIVE in NIE: What Does ASEAN Mean to You? (past) and the upcoming The Obama Administration’s First 100 Days forum (23 May 09).

During the last month with the organisation, I was introduced to the concept of “Track II diplomacy“, the various ASEAN foras, the various think tanks and special interests groups based in Singapore and the opportunity to be involved in the think tank’s flagship event – 2nd ASEAN & ASIA Forum.

I also enjoy the company I made within the organisation especially over lunch and tea discussion about philosophy and political/ economic theories. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be introduced to this environment before I return back to the university this July.

1-170409-asean-asia-form-singapore ray-berno-may-pre-aaf pauline-fan-berno-aaf-2009

Passes to 2nd ASEAN-ASIA Forum, 17 Apr 2009 in Singapore

The 2nd ASEAN-ASIA Forum: Risks & Opportunities (Friday, 17 Apr 2009) organised by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs addresses how individuals, institutions and multinational corporations in Asia should position themselves in the wake of the current economic crisis.

The forum includes distinguished speakers such as Prof Neo Boon Siong (Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute),  Ms Olivia Lum (Group CEO & President, Hyflux Group) and Ms Irene Ng (Member of Parliament, Singapore).

This is a full day forum event and concludes with a gala dinner with George Yeo (Minister, Foreign Affairs, Singapore) as Guest of Honour.

I have 2 complimentary passes (worth $600 each) to this event. Please contact me (bernardoh3rd/at/gmail/) if you are genuinely keen to attend and would like a pass to the event. This offer closes on 8 Apr (or earlier) and valid for Singapore residents only. The pass will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and my decision is final.

Click here for forum brochure or forum web site for more information.

2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing – Assoc Prof Raj Buyya, Melbourne University

When I lived in Australia, Assoc Prof Raj Buyya (Melbourne University) is one of the few academics I knew who is a true research leader and teacher in the field of grid computing. He was a humble and generous man, ready to share his passion, knowledge and time with anyone who is keen to learn.

I congratulate him on being the 2009 IEEE Medal of Excellence (Scalable Computing) recipient.

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Will humanity be overtaken by its own medical, technological and scientific successes?

The recent advacements in the field of medicial and biotechnology offer humanity longer lives, but what are the social, physical and economic implications for a larger and aging population?

Dr Ian Goldin (Director, James Martin 21st Century School) addressed these issues during his introduction to the risks and opportunities in the 21st Century during the recent University of Cape Town Vice-Chancellor’s Open Lecture.

Download the mp3 here or subscribe to the podcast feed.

The US and the World: Beyond the Financial Crisis – A public lecture by Robert Kimmitt (former Treasury Deputy Secretary) in Singapore

Former US Treasury Deputy Secretary under George W. Bush’s administration, Robert Kimmitt is presenting a public lecture entitled “The US and the World: Beyond the Financial Crisis” in Singapore.

Date: Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Time: 5.15pm – 6.30pm

Location: Auditorium, Level 3
Block B, Faculty of Law, NUS Bukit Timah Campus

The world faces difficult months, and perhaps years, before the current economic and financial crisis fully subsides. But, even as the crisis is addressed, preparation must also be undertaken to ensure that the world that emerges is better able to spur market opportunities and avert future crises. Issues of particular note are the balance between prudential regulation and market discipline; global financial architecture; and commitment to free trade and open investment as guiding principles of a healthy global economy. Singapore, the United States, and other key participants in the G-20, Financial Stability Forum, APEC, and other processes need to ensure these important long-term topics are interwoven with on-going crisis management discussions and decisions.

See event flyer for details.