Would you like cashback with your search?

Live Search is offering cash rebates when people make purchases after using its search engine.

Web shoppers who sign up for an account and buy items found using Microsoft’s Live Search cashback site will receive a percentage of the purchase price deposited into their account.

When the total reaches $5, the shoppers can redeem their “cold, hard cash.” In a statement, Microsoft said the rebates are paid for with advertising.

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Searching for a way to help?

Each time you search here, Microsoft will contribute to ninemillion.org, a UN agency-led campaign providing education and sports programs for the nine million refugee youth around the world.

Visit – http://click4thecause.live.com/Search/Charity/Default.aspx today and do your bit for charity.

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Inner Sydney Photo Safari – 101206

Last Sunday (10/12) was a glorious fine and sunny day in Sydney and I decided I can’t spend it in a gym or working on Outlook. Instead with my trusty camera, I decided to go on a inner Sydney suburbs photo safari.

Basically, I went on my merry way after mass in St Patrick –> Central –>Broadway –> Glebe Point Road –> St Mary Catherdral –> Kings Cross –> Potts Point –> Elizabeth Bay.


You can actually see my safari trail on Local Live. Last but not least, my photo safari pictures hosted on my brand new Flickr PRO account, thanks to my good friend – Long Zheng. Christmas came very early this year. Thanks Long!

Sample pictures

 – 4 Symbols of the Gospel (St Benedict Church, Broadway)

 – The friendliest real estate in Potts Point. If I’m stay on in Sydney, I think I want to move to Potts Point. It seems like an area that I can live in. Chatswood is good but kinda sterlie, too many shopping malls.

 – El Alamein Water Fountain (Kings Cross)

 – Book Voucher for David Hicks

Windows Live Mail Desktop Review

Windows Live Mail Desktop - Login Screen
Recently, I have been toying with the beta release of Windows Live Mail desktop (8.0.1172). It’s a pretty neat application and I was quite surprise by it’s nifty features. It offers you to have a single view of all your email accounts, newsgroup, blog, RSS, calendaring features integration for a desktop consumer client which I think is pretty neat.

Windows Live Mail Desktop About Screen 

1. Email (you can click on all the images for expanded view)

Windows Live Mail Desktop - Integrated Emails View

> You can manage all your email accounts all from one application including Gmail. Plus you can also publish your email message as a blog entry via Windows Live Writer. It also comes with free junk mail filters too! However, in this current version, Live Mail Desktop doesn’t separate spam from your regular inbox or archive or labels.

2. RSS

Windows Live Mail Desktop - RSS

> You can also follow up on all your fav RSS feeds from the same client. One caveat: Currently there is no OPML import feature 😦

3. Calendar

Windows Live Mail Desktop - Calendar

> It’s great that an online calendar feature is integrated with in consumer client desktop software. However the transition between the Live look and feel and the old Hotmail calendar style (old skool 😦 ) can be streamlined better, hopefully in the next update.

Final Score: 6/10, the basic idea of a single view of one’s online communication features rocks but still some user experience issues like Gmail integration and OPML import still need to be resolved.