A Primer on Internet Governance and the Role of ICANN

A link to the Council of Foreign Relations Internet Governance primer and a discussion on the role of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The primer also raises the question whether ICANN’s structure and operating model pose as boon or a threat to the governance of the Internet, whether Internet governance should in the hands of nation states or the “collective commons“.


Disruptive Internet technologies to revive stagnate services

The power of the Internet is at its greatest utility when its disruptive technologies (think innovative mobile payment or transportation services) are able to get ahead of highly regulated environment and revive public services that have stagnated over the years.

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick nailed this point during the 2013 the Aspen Institute’s Washington Indeas Forum.

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5 Payments Developments to Look Out in 2014

Euromonitor International published a list of developing payment trends to look out for in 2014. Some of the trends identified have already appeared in Asia for awhile and would likely continue to grow further.

How Big Data Helps Book Publishers Profit in the Digital Age

As more readers are going digital, HarperCollins, shares how big data is transforming their publishing business model for the Digital Age. Cheaper and more efficient means of acquiring the information about their customer base is giving the publisher better insights about their customer base. These insights translate to more effective marketing, smarter pricing strategies improvements and of course, better profits.

Via Fast Company Most Creative People

Making Broader Sense of Google’s Acquisation of Nest

Last week (13 Jan 2014), Google announced its acquisition of Nest, which produces beautiful internet connected smart thermostats for a USD 3.2 billion (The Big Bs, not just Ms). This news underscores the growing energy efficiency sector and adds further momentum on a trend in consumer energy efficiency smart appliances (enabled by data analytics and sensors) connected to internet enabled devices.

Imagine a little smile to notify you on your energy usage levels, or controlling your aircon with your smart device to cool your home to just the right temperature before getting home and thus avoiding the large bill of leaving the aircon running constantly. Welcome to the age of Internet-of-things!

US Innovation Act – Towards stronger patent protection and curbing abusive patents litigation

Having worked for Microsoft Research and the technology industry, I fully support enabling an environment for new and constant innovation, particularly in a competitive and free market economy. Almost all the new technology and services we enjoy today like the Internet are developed by taking on different parts of innovative technology and ideas pioneered by a variety of sources such as universities, government agencies and research firms together.

Therefore I am excited about news of the US Innovation Act which aims to address the problem of abusive patent litigation by patent trolls, diverting companies on focusing in creating new innovations. Patent trolls are entities which exerts questionable patent rights against alleged infringers in an attempt to collect licensing fees, but does not actually manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents in question – a typical economic rent seeking behaviour.

Hopefully the new Innovation Act will “level the playing field by controlling discovery costs, raising pleading standards, and making fee-shifting a more meaningful deterrent to frivolous allegations“. (H/T: Innovation, Not Litigation, Google Public Policy blog)

Troll – Zoe, used under Creative Commons licence.

Pick yourself up and never give up

If we are demoralised, sad and only complain, we’ll not solve our problems.

If we only pray for a solution, we’ll not solve our problems.

We need to face them, to deal with them without violence, but with confidence – and never give up.

If you adopt a non-violent approach, but are also hesitant within, you’ll not succeed.

You have to have confidence and keep up your efforts – in other words, never give up.

~ Dalai Lama (19 Nov 2013 Facebook Status Update)