Aussies, Need a Day Off? Let’s Invade New Zealand!

Last week, The Pitch Challenge (The Gruen Transfer, ABC) is to develop an advertisement to sell the unsellable – Convince Aussie to invade it’s close neighbour – New Zealand. Why would anyone want to invade such a beautiful and peaceful country like NZ?

The two agencies tasked with this brief came up with two smart ads, one that would really appeal to the (some) Aussies and the other, a cheeky play with NZ runaway success tourism campaign. Brilliant!

Apparently after the show was broadcasted, a small group of Kiwis took offence with the plot. In response, the producer of the show will give the Kiwis a fair go (Aussie slang) to “take their revenge” on the final episode of the show.

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PS: This brief is not authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra (at least not publicly acknowledged)


The Gruen Transfer – How Advertising Work on Us

Every day we’re exposed to an average of 3000 commerical messages on TV, radio, cinemas, billboards, magazines, newspapers, T-shirts, cups, public transport and the INTERNET. Have you wonder how advertising works and how it works on us? Check out ABC’s Gruen Transfer.

The Gruen Transfer hosted by Wil Anderson where a number of advertising agencies experts provide insights to the industry in lighthearted and funny panel discussion setting. These panel guests take part in weekly challenges, exercise and games to create ads for the unselliable (For example, “Making celibacy sexy!”)

Don’t forget to try the Consumer’s Revenge, where you can mix and match your own beer/ bank/ beauty cream ad!