Early Reports on Google Chrome’s Performance, Security and Licensing

Here is a selection of performance, security and licensing related articles soon after the launch of Google’s Chrome browser.






Google Chrome Now Available in Singapore and Australia

Who says the evolution of web browsers is over? Hot after the launch of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, Google released its browser – Chrome. Chrome is now avaliable for download from Singapore (Australia and pretty much everywhere else on the WWW in 40 other languages).

I’ll waiting for the reviews and further iterations of Chrome before I will consider downloading it for review purposes. It is highly encouraging to see the different set of innovative features added to the latest versions of the various web browsers.

We owe a great debt to many open source projects, and we’re committed to continuing on their path. … and in that spirit, we are making all of our code open source as well. We hope to collaborate with the entire community to help drive the web forward.” (Source: Google Blog, 1 Sep 08)

On a separate note, where is the link to download Chrome source code? Google’s intention is commendable, but where is the follow-up action?

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Synchronous Web Search: Microsoft SearchTogether


Download SearchTogether (beta)

Microsoft SearchTogether is a free Internet Explorer plug-in that allows groups of people to collaborate on Web searches.

SearchTogether can benefit any group of people who are interested in investigating a topic together, such as students working on a group report, colleagues working on a joint project, or friends planning a shared vacation or other social activities. SearchTogether supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration styles.

SearchTogether allows each group member to customize their search preferences; choices include Windows Live Search, Yahoo!, and Google.

SearchTogether is a project from Microsoft Research. See SearchTogether page for more details.